How to declutter your wallet in 4 easy steps!

How to declutter your wallet in 4 easy steps!

So few retailers are accepting cash right now. Combine this with a move away from cash to cards and mobile wallets anyway, and its a great time to reassess what your real needs are - whether you can minimise your wallet and carry less in your bag. Here's how we’ve gone wallet minimal and never looked back!
  1. Empty out your wallet - take everything out completely. Bin any unnecessary receipts, all the cards and miscellanea you’ve picked up, possibly over many years and carried without a thought, and absolutely, most definitely, that scrap piece of paper you keep your passwords on (using apps like Keeper or LastPass are so much more secure)

  2. Carry essential items only - really think about the items that you truly use every day. Maybe that’s a single debit card or credit card, a small amount of cash for emergencies, your license (which you obliged to carry if you are driving), public transport card… if you are carrying several bank cards, there must be one or two that are not used often enough to warrant prime realestate in your wallet! Also think about which payment cards you can keep in the wallet on your phone. Likewise the loyalty and store cards that you carry can be used via mobile apps such as Stocard, your phone's wallet or the store will sometimes have an app too.

  3. Digitise receipts - reciepts create a real mess but are sometimes a necessary evil. If you keep receipts for expenses, I suggest an app like Expensify to take a pic on your phone, it digitises the information and even suggests expense categories. Other types of receipts such as those needed for warranties or possible returns can also be stored in an app like Expensify or Evernote, or alternately just take a photo and store them in an album on your phone.

  4. Be vigilant! Keep doing steps 1-3 and you will never need a large wallet again. Your back and shoulders will thank you for lightening the load, you will feel more organised and on top of things in your life and you can carry a super cute mini wallet that makes you smile every time you use it!

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